One Licence. OneMusic.

Why do I need a licence to play music?

The benefits of using music

A OneMusic licence gives you legal access to the world’s music and brings you into the music economy, allowing even more music to be created.

How does the law apply to music licensing?

Having permission to play music in a business setting is a legal requirement under the Copyright Act (1968), regardless of what industry you operate in or how you play music.

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How OneMusic Works

We bring music and business together by offering simple music licences that give you the permission you need to use music in your business.

Purchase a OneMusic licence and unlock permission to use millions of songs

People invest time, money and creativity crafting music for us to enjoy. Music creators then ask OneMusic to look after certain rights on their behalf.

OneMusic licenses your business

OneMusic issues licences to businesses and organisations, giving you permission you need to play music.

Music creators are paid their share of your licence fee

We take paying the RIGHT copyright owner their share of your licence fee (royalties) very seriously. The music creators we represent hold us to that every day. Using APRA AMCOS’ and PPCA’s huge database of songs and recordings, OneMusic ensures that music creators are paid so they can keep on making the music we love.

Where do my fees actually go?

OneMusic keeps track of the music being played in a huge database drawn from radio and television stations, performance reports, streaming services, music recognition software and background music suppliers.

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