Friday, May 4, 2018

Retail and Service Providers invited to comment on OneMusic licensing proposal

Traditional retailers such as supermarkets, independent apparel stores, health food stores, hardware stores and department stores etc as well as service providers such as banks, doctors suites, hairdressers and real estate agents etc using music are invited to provide feedback on an initial OneMusic Australia licence proposal. The submission deadline is 8 June 2018 for release to market mid 2019.

For the first time in more than a decade* under the proposal most retailers will have a slight increase in fees. A driving factor for a review of fees for retail music use is the expectations of our music creator members and licensors that all industries be treated equitably. For the vast majority of retailers in Australia who currently hold both an APRA AMCOS and a PPCA licence, the increase will be less than $100 per year.

We propose to keep with a user-pays structure (with Gold, Silver and Bronze packages) linked to the different ways a retailer or service provider might use music in their business.

For background music – you will no longer have to report the number of devices as well as report the different types of spaces in your retail outlet using background music – cutting red-tape drastically.

To ease any potential impact we’re proposing to phase in these new background music rates over three years.

For retailers and service providers who host music videos in-store we propose a flat annual fee of $340. This offers dollar savings as well as time savings when compared with the current arrangement based on the number of screens.

For retailers and service providers who host featured music we propose a separate rate of just $12 per day to apply as long as total expenditure on your performing artists is less than $4,000.

We’re introducing discounts for background music used in carparks.

We propose that if a retailer or service provider needs to copy music to use as background music – either from CDs, a download services or the a streaming service that this use be included in the Gold background music package.

For retailers and service providers who have music in their website we propose a flat annual fee of $550 – within specific limitations.

OneMusic Australia is an initiative of APRA AMCOS and PPCA aimed at simplifying a business’ administration of their annual music licensing. A OneMusic licence is the simplest way for a business to cover its legal obligations under the Copyright Act. The Australian initiative will cover practically all Australian and International musical and recorded songs. A licence from OneMusic is a licence to play music from all countries, not just Australia.

* Other than CPI adjustments.

Feedback on proposals are invited online and the consultation papers can be accessed at