Thursday, November 1, 2018

Release of Fair and Simple Music Licence Plan for Hotels & Bars

OneMusic Australia has today released the second draft of a combined licence scheme for Australia’s hotel and bar industry to drastically cut red-tape for hospitality operations.

This specific licence scheme will apply to hotels and bars including accommodation providers, dedicated music venues and casinos.

Following the successful roll out of similar schemes to simplify music licensing in New Zealand and the UK, OneMusic Australia is planned to launch mid-2019.

Substantial consultation has taken place with the sector over many months to arrive at this second draft scheme based on a fair outcome for both hotels and similar venues and Australian music creators.

Since the first proposed scheme was issued 12 months ago, OneMusic has listened to industry and in this next proposal has satisfied competing calls for more customisation against calls for more simplification.

There is a calculator for hotel and bar businesses to use to obtain basic estimates on future licence fees.

Some in the hospitality industry asked for the new proposal to be more customised and include music used in their dining and dancing spaces along with their traditional background and featured music use and this inclusion has been made.

OneMusic has also created more licence fee tiers for featured music use to deliver a more graduated approach across a varied hospitality sector.

To address the needs of small scale operations, OneMusic has also added a lower-priced background music tier for hotels with just one radio or television.

Some in the hospitality industry asked for more simplification, and OneMusic has responded with a new ‘all-in’ rate offering coverage for all of the common music uses (background, featured and dining).

Hotels with attached bottle shops are now also under the background music tier and no separate retail licence is needed, representing a saving of up to $650 per annum.

Under the licence scheme, OneMusic now offers a bonus of four no charge music- use nights for venues hosting 56 or more nights of music a year.

Nightclubs within hotels and bars which have a door charge/paid ticket entry will now have the option of their annual featured music licence fees being based on actual attendance. These venues need to keep accurate attendance figures and provide a verifiable annual attendance statement.

OneMusic has reduced the maximum annual fee for music used in dining spaces across every capacity tier. For an average hotel with a dining area (say, capacity of 50 people, average meal price of $24, serving alcohol and trading daily except public holidays) the maximum music licence fee for that dining space is now only $1,900.

Accommodation motels/hotels which have a dining area for the benefit of their staying guests and not generally for the public will enjoy a 50% reduction to the background music rate for the dining space.

In releasing the new proposal both PPCA and APRA AMCOS applaud the hospitality sector for the enthusiasm and support they show in showcasing recorded and live music to entertain their patrons.

The two peak organisations behind OneMusic Australia will continue to ensure appropriate licences are in place when their members’ and licensors’ products are used commercially. This process is authorised by the Copyright Act (1968).

Licence fees collected from the hospitality industry are distributed to music creators in a variety of ways based on their actual use including music recognition technology in some venues, from some background music suppliers as well as reports from live music performers themselves.

Live and featured music venues help to generate an estimated $15.7 billion1 in national economic benefit – lifting profitability and employment.

There are over 100,000 members of APRA AMCOS and over 40,000 PPCA record labels servicing everyday consumers’ ever-evolving music tastes. OneMusic Australia’s music licences cover the world’s repertoire of recording artists and music composers.

Media enquiries:

Hospitality licence fee comparisons and case studies are available on request. Anne Blair 0404 293 163 OR Mick Walsh 0402 274 623

1 The Economic & Cultural Value Of Live Music In Australia 2014. University of Tasmania