Consultation Documents

OneMusic Australia has a policy to consult, where appropriate, with relevant industry bodies when developing and implementing new or revised licence schemes for the use of music. We have found that receiving input from the music users allows us to better understand how music is used and applied practically. This approach is also useful in that it ensures that our clients have a better understanding of where the payments flow and the purpose of such licences, which in turn leads to improved ongoing relationships.
You will find below multiple consultation documents, set out by industry type. We would appreciate if you would take the opportunity to review the proposed OneMusic Australia licence schemes relevant to your sector and provide feedback in the form of a submission to

Clubs Consultation

Corporate and Workplace Consultation

Dance Schools Consultation

Dining Consultation

Fitness Consultation

Hotels Consultation

Karaoke Consultation

Live Adult Entertainment Consultation

Local Government Areas Consultation

Recorded Music for the Purpose of Dancing Consultation

Telephone on Hold Consultation

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